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I am a Chinese-German-Canadian composer for screen and stage from Toronto, Canada. I recently completed my Master of Fine Arts in Film Music Composition at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, under the guidance of Chris Heckman.

I’ve written music for numerous short films and stage productions, including Saudade, an experimental romantic drama which was recently selected for the Cannes World Film Festival, and A Perfect Bowl of Pho, an original musical that will make its next appearance at the 2022 Toronto Fringe Festival (if COVID doesn't goof up live theatre for a THIRD summer in a row).

I started playing piano at age 7, and very quickly fell in love with the music of the Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, Junichi Masuda and Koji Kondo, all of whom are still important influences on my personal style. Another composer whose work greatly inspires me is Alexandre Desplat, particularly his more melodic and intimate scores.

While completing my B.A. in Ethics, Society and Law at the University of Toronto, my drama geek friends got me involved with musical theatre. This was how my journey as a composer began, and when I realized that for me, true happiness lies in telling stories with music. I've never turned back.

My stylistic versatility and keen understanding of emotional storytelling is what makes my music particularly special. I hope you enjoy what you see and hear, and don't hesitate to reach out! Also, there's a hidden secret you can find if you check out every link on this website (the secret is that you'll really enjoy watching/listening to everything).